Physical Guarding Services

From business premises to construction sites and supermarkets to shopping centres, there isn’t a business or industrial area that couldn’t benefit from security guards, especially when there are valuable assets on premises.

According to recent statistics, having a security guard on your company/premises can actually prevent crime from happening. Every business or construction site can fall victim to theft and vandalism. But while a CCTV system Essex will record criminals and alarms will alert people of illegal activities, these do not guarantee that the criminal will be caught. However with a security guard on site, their physical presence should be enough to scare people off and if not, they will be there to catch a trespassers. As security experts, we understand the importance of protection using physical presence of guards.

Best Securitas Security & Logistics Services Ltd always try to provide efficient and smart unarmed security guards, security in charge (ex-armed force), security supervisors (ex-armed force), security officers (ex-armed force) for providing security to Banks, Factories, Offices, Hospitals, Residences, Hotels etc.